3D Computer Animation & Visual Effects

Computer graphics have become an indispensable part of modern film and TV production. Whether your story needs a stylized character, effects animation, morphing, cyber-sets, or photo-real element that blends seamlessly with your live action elements, we have the latest and hippest tools and the experience to make it happen.

We can go from concept to completion all under one roof, or if you have a project closing in on a deadline, we will gladly subcontract overflow work to be done in our shop.

We have experience and licenses in most major software systems, and can work in any film or video format. We do character design and animation, virtual sets, computer generated pyrotechnics, morphing, and all other current photo-real visual effects processes. Call or email with your production needs and we'll find a cost-effective solution.

We bring over 25 years' award winning experience in feature films, broadcasting, and award-winning television advertising to solving your problems.

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Effects Supervision

The five most expensive words in film production are, "We'll fix it in post". If you're not 100% sure your live-action elements will work with your effects, please give us a call. We'll make your Hawaii effects filming experience a happy and stress-free one. Our experience includes feature films such as "Stargate", "Son of Pink Panther", "Star Trek: The Motion Picture", "Final Fantasy", & Day After Tomorrow, and TV shows such as "LOST", "Flight 29 Down", & Hawaii Five-0".


VFX Producer & Supervisor



It is almost impossible to tell a modern-day story without TV and computer displays. Over the last several years, in addition to more traditional visual effects, Home Baked Entertainment has been called on to provide "shutter-proof" TV sets and computer displays for TV shows such as "LOST" and "Flight 29 Down" and feature films such as "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", as well as graphics, edited video, and animations for same, some of which are able to interact with the cast on set.


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