Building on our success as a creator of radio spots, and on 30+ years' experience working on award winning TV Commercials, Home Baked Entertainment entered TV Commercial production in 2002, producing and directing high-quality commercials for the local Hawaiian TV market. Our unique humorous approach has resulted in spots which audiences remember long after they air.

 "Palm Tree" for "Dent Doctors" (Director)

 "Atomic Golf Ball" for "Dent Doctors" (Director)

 "Wrist Widget" (Director)

 "Hawaii Raceway Park" (Director)

 "Kumukit Solar" (Animation Director)

 "Mr. Twiddles" HSSI (Animation Director)

 "Chip & Cookie" commercial for Wally Amos (Animation Director)

 Mouse for "Hele On" for "Hawaiian Airlines". (Animation Director)

 Animated logo for Robert's Overnighters.

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