Home Baked Entertainment ventured into radio advertising almost by accident when we were asked to produce some spots for a local non-profit organization. Our unique humor resulted in a strong audience response and we continued to produce radio ads for this first client for three years. During that time, other businesses approached us to produce radio spots, and we began to realize that Home Baked wasn't just a visual company any more!

Buy Hawaii - Fairy Tale

Hawaii Family Dental Group - Dento The Magnificent

Buy Hawaii - Henry Ford

Hawaii Family Dental Group - Dog Kisses

Hawaii Raceway Park - Racing Deprived

Hawaii Vocal Arts - The Devil

Hawaii Vocal Arts - Mother's Day

Honolulu Weekly - Alien

Honolulu Weekly - Contest

Honolulu Weekly - Elevator Shoes

Honolulu Weekly - Genie

Honolulu Weekly - Yak Bells

Hawaii Vocal Arts - Kazoo

Kualoa Ranch - Branding Iron

National Web Group - Rebel

Hawaii Raceway Park - Shootout

Dent Doctors - Submarine

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