Michael Rivero: Creative Director 
Michael brings over 30 years' award-winning experience in feature films, broadcasting, and television advertising to MedVisuals, including work in feature films like "Star Trek: The Motion Picture", "Coneheads", "Stargate", "Final Fantasy", and "The Day After Tomorrow", as well as television work in award winning commercials and the ABC series, "LOST". Prior to his film career, Michael worked with NASA developing advanced image processing tools for the Viking and Voyager Missions. Michael can be reached at michael@medvisuals.net




Claire Rivero: Director of Marketing  

Claire has had an extensive background in marketing before joining MEDVISUALS, primarily in areas of Architectural, Engineering, and Construction services for companies in Southern California and Washington State. She has also been marketing MEDIVISUALS’ parent company for the last decade.

Claire is a graduate of Cal State University, Dominguez Hills, with a major in fine arts.

Claire can be reached at claire@medvisuals.net




Matthew Rivero: East Coast Representative  

BS Business Operations Management � Cal State LA
MBA Marketing � Northeastern University, Boston

Creator of the Daily Webpage Calendar, winner of two national marketing awards. Founder/Creator of Tookmypicture.com, the first promotional service to deliver event centric photography over the web. Key clients include AOL, Discovery Channel, Marvel Comics, Nestles, Pepsi, Coors/Molson, Chevy and many others.

Matthew can be reached at matt@medvisuals.net






"Mike took a concept in my thoughts and sketches and made it alive in an animation that was far better than expected. I was very happy with the results".
Paul C. Ho, MD, President & CEO
HOCOR Cardiovascular Technologies

I am both an Orthopedic surgeon and inventor and worked with Michael Rivero and Home Baked Entertainment on a project of mine. Mike and his staff came to my office, listened to my concept, took notes and pictures and produced a very accurate and professionally made animation of my invention.  This has been invaluable in presenting to potential investors as many do not understand medical terminology and as the saying goes...a single picture is worth a thousand words, Mike's work speaks volumes.  
John Frauens, MD

We were able to raise money during one of the most difficult financial periods in decades because our ideas were conveyed so clearly by the video animation you produced for us. I think I have recommended you to several more people by now and everyone was very pleased. Very common for someone to look at our presentation and the first or second question is, "who did your animations?"
Peter Schneider, MD, CEO Innovasc LLC

I have worked with Home Baked Entertainment for the past 2 years. The animations produced have been outstanding and and have visually portrayed my medical device. The saying that a picture is worth a 1000 words is truly applicable to the animations that Michael has produced. More importantly Home Baked Entertainment has consistently performed reliably and honestly with a true passion for the video and animation arts.
Brad Napier, MD, CEO, Hanu Surgical Devices, LLC


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