Our Logo. Gaze on it and weep as did Alexander when he beheld the glories of Egypt.


Claire Rivero's "Lord Help Us Make This World A Better Place"

Claire Rivero's "In Times of War" video

Claire Rivero's "Kyrie Eleison" video

Claire Rivero's "Downsized Blues" video

Claire Rivero's "I Have Seen a Woodland at Fall" premiered by the Kona Choral Society

KumuKit commercial

Wrist Widget commercial


Fujitsu commercial; music composed and performed by Claire Rivero


Okay, so maybe we're being a bit tongue in cheek here, but the above image is NOT a special effect. That is our Home Baked "Pie" logo, high above the Earth.

Home Baked Entertainment supports many worthy endeavors including the Hawaii Student Film Festival, the Hawaii International Film Festival, and Hawaii Computers for Kids.

As the above image shows, Home Baked Entertainment also helps sponsor research into alternative space launching systems, in particular, that of J. P. Aerospace, who provided the above photo from a recent flight. Our support for alternative space launching systems is more than simple nostalgia for the "good old days" with NASA. Alternative space launching systems that avoid the environmental damage of large rockets are ideal for Hawaii's technological future. Located close to the equator, Hawaii enjoys a natural speed boost from the Earth's rotation greater than any location on the mainland USA. As low-cost alternative space launching systems are developed, Hawaii is an ideal location for environmentally clean space flight.


Back when the International Space Station launched, we overheard the crew talking about how much they enjoyed the availability of music on the station since the ground broadcasts were not really music quality, so Claire mailed a copy of "Isle of Sanctuary" to the appropriate office at the Johnson Space Flight Center in Houston. We were not expecting an acknowledgment because there have been some abuses by people seeking commercial advantage from claiming their music is on the ISS. However, we were delighted to learn that Claire's name was one of those selected to be etched in a microchip placed aboard NASA's STARDUST mission!


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One of the bad things about living in Hawaii is the humidity and salt air. As Claire prepared to launch a new album project entitled "Pilgrimage" which features harp music backed by synth, we discovered that Claire's harp, the "Lady Ygraine" was starting to come apart as the glue succumbed to the environment. After exhausting the possibility of repair, we decided that Claire's "Christmasbirthdayanneversarykwanzawhatever" present this year would be a new harp, named "Lady Morgaine".

The new "Lady Morgaine" is a 38 string fully levered Celtic harp. It is built of Hawaiian koa wood and the luthier, Triplett Harps, used maritime glue in the construction to make it resistant to Hawaii's humid climate.


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